Garden barbecue, cooking, outdoor and folk games

In the Zsámbéki Guesthouse and its large garden you will find a wide range of recreational activities, no matter the season.

Masters of outdoor cooking will be in their element here, as oven, barbecue, indoor and outdoor cooking pits are all available. While food is cooking, they can chat with friends and family in the shade of the trees at the log table, inside the pavilion or in the wine cellar.

If you’re coming with young children, they won’t be bored either. For the little ones we have a playground with sandpit, climbing frame, swings, garden sports equipment, bicycles and other children’s toys.

Plus, there’s a rural barn full of games, so you won’t get bored even in bad weather. In the barn you can play tabletennis and darts, or try out a variety of old folk games (target shooting, throwing a rag ball, throwing hoops, etc.).

And when the weather is nice, you can play basketball, volleyball, foot tennis or football in the courtyard.

We welcome you to our guesthouse all year round, for both active and passive relaxation.

And if you want to have go for a swim, sauna or try other sports (squash, bowling, tennis, etc.), you can visit the Szépia Hotel, not far from us, where all our guests are welcome, you can find details here.