House rules

Peace and quiet:

In order to not disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood and the city, no loud music or noisy activities are permitted on the terrace and in the garden after 22:00. Using large speakers, or playing live music in the pavilion are not allowed either.

Regardless of the time of day, all behaviors that disturb the peace, safety, sense of security, or privacy of others; or that can be considered harassment or intimidation are forbidden.

The operator is authorized to warn the disorderly and/or noisy guests. The first warning is free of charge, the second and third warnings cost 5.000 HUF each for the guest. After the third warning the operator has the right to immediately expel the guest from the property without any obligation of refund or compensation. The guesthouse is not responsible for any damage caused by a guest to another guest or the neighbors.


The entire house is non-smoking area. This means that smoking (traditional or e-cigarettes) is forbidden in the entire house, the communal areas and most of the open areas, too. Smoking is allowed only in the designated area in the back yard.

Reporting errors:
Please report any inconvenience or faulty functioning experienced in the guest house to the operator, without delay!


Any damages caused by guests either intentionally or due to carelessness will have to be compensated towards the guesthouse.

Room key:

Upon arrival the guests receive a key to the gate, house and the room once the check-in and payment have been completed. If you lose your key a 5000 HUF compensation fee will be charged to you at departure.

Only registered or pre-registered guests are allowed to stay in the guest houses.

Children under 14: 

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian to stay in the guest house. The guardian is responsible for the safety of the child, and any damage caused by the child.

To protect your valuables, please lock the gate and the house at all times. Fire extinguisher are located in the lobbies of the house. In case of fire, you must call this number without delay +36 70 231 8181.

Our guesthouse is a dog- and pet-friendly accommodation, we welcome all four-legged
guests! Guests with dogs are kindly requested to follow the rules of the house:

Please ensure that your pet is always under supervision when on public property. For any damage caused by the pet the owner will be responsible for. Please make sure that your pet does not bother the neighbors, cause damage to property, endangers anyone’s physical safety or health. Please also make sure that the garden remains clean. If your pet soils any part of the garden, please remove it immediately.

The Zsámbéki Vendégház team wishes you a pleasant and relaxing stay!