Room 4

Room 4

Ground floor family suite for 4 persons with loft

12.000 Ft/night
Sleeps 2 En suite Kitchen Feature


Ground floor family suite with loft for 4 persons with 2 double beds, private kitchen, free wifi, flat screen TV, wardrobes, reading corner on the top, mini library, private bathroom with shower and tiled stove. Maximum extra bed capacity: 2, baby cot available on request. Prices Weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights) for a discounted price: for 1 person: 22.000 HUF/night for 2 persons: 22.000 HUF/night for 3 persons: 28.500 HUF/night for 4 persons: 34.000 HUF/night for 5 persons (with extra bed): 40.000 HUF/night Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights) and holiday rates: for 1 person: 28.000 HUF/night for 2 persons: 28.000 HUF/night for 3 persons: 31.500 HUF/night for 4 persons: 38.000 HUF/night for 5 persons (with extra bed): 45.000 HUF/night On weekdays the room can be booked for a min. 1 night, while on weekends it can booked for a min. 2 nights. If you book Sunday in addition to Friday and Saturday, we will give you a 50% discount on your Sunday booking. For information on holiday rates (Easter, Pentecost, Christmas, New Year's Eve) and the minimum number of nights that can be booked, please visit the Rooms and rates menu.

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